Align Your Portfolio

Your Investment Portfolio lives and breathes every moment, & while it chases your life goals, it also needs a health check by an expert.

Why Should You Subscribe to our service?

Investing in stock markets is risky and that makes it even more important that you are aware of the risks that portfolio carries.

Buying of a stock or a Mutual Fund is typically done based on the research at that point of time. Rarely do we look at the impact of buying an individual stock on the overall portfolio at the time of purchase. We also tend to forget to review our portfolio  and individual investment in the light of recent changes – economic and / or market. In order to maintain a healthy portfolio, we must review our investments on regular basis to ensure that the risk are well calibrated and free from biases.

Quantum Global Portfolio Evaluation Service (PES) is designed to give you a one time assessment of your investment portfolio experts. The evaluation identifies potential risks evaluates them against potential returns and recommends strategies to sharpen the portfolio better.

Our Portfolio Evaluation Services are designed to put your portfolio under a scanner to identify the key risks and recommend changes to make it more efficient.

What can you expect from the service?

Our Portfolio Evaluation Service offers you an in-depth analysis of all the investments in your portfolio with respect to returns, associated risks and diversification. It also helps you identify where adjustments need to be made, so that you can stay on track to meet your financial goals.

Our Portfolio Evaluation Report provides you with the following:

  • Risk & Return analysis of your overall equity and debt portfolio.
  • Mean Variance Analysis and Optimization for the Portfolio.
  • Marginal Risk Contribution and Draw-down Risk Analysis.
  • Consolidated and independent Research view on Stock and Mutual Funds Portfolio.
  • Recommendations on exits and re-investments in the portfolio.